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How To Style an Off The Shoulder Top For Work

Hello All My Darling Divas!  Happy Hump Day beautiful ladies! I am here today with a blog post that was specially requested by a darling diva by the name of Hydia Hayes! She asked me how she can style off the shoulder tops for work, so here I am with some tips! Although this video was made with Hydia in mind that doesn't mean that it cant help everyone, so pull up a seat and let's get to styling! 

I hope you all have enjoyed! I had a lot of fun creating this video, and if any of you darling divas want to see me style a piece of clothing then let me know in the comments or hit me up in a message! Ready for some links?

Want some options for off the shoulder tops?
Off The Shoulder Tops from Ashley Stewart
Off The Shoulder Tops from Macy's
Off The Shoulder Tops from Rainbow

Look 1: With Wide Leg Pants
Click here to buy the red pants!  Click here for a neutral colored wide leg pant

Look 2: With a Skirt

Click here to check out a neutral colored midi skirt

Click here to check out a neutr…

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