Updated Regimen pt 2

Hello Darling Divas!
Here is part 2 of my updated regimen. Thanks for watching and I hope it helps! The purpose is to help all you gals not make the mistakes that I have made. cause let me tell you, I have made a millionnn and one mistakes and my hair has suffered! Below is a list of different drying techniques as explained in the video and more picturess of my hair comparison from my hair during my old regimen and my hair now that I use my new regimen. Until next time ladies, love you all! And see you next week!

Here's updated  part 2!!

Here's part 3 of my old regimen 

Thease two pictures below were taken last year around the begining of summer. Notice again how my hair is all miscolored and dry lookin. ( The top is a picture of my mama dont she look good yall??) 

And now since I changed it, look at the color now!! These two pics were taken shortly after the new year, about 2 months after I changed my regimen. My color is vibrant and actually blonde. and the curls are filled with moisture.

Heres a list of my fave youtube gurus to show you different drying methods.

So you can air dry like I did

or do the banding method like LaBellaNatural did

Or if you wanan do heat you can do the tension method like KinkyKurlyQueen

Or if that one doesnt tickle your fancy, you can blow it out and flat Iorn it like SimpluYounique


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